Wondering How to Make Your Mattress Rock? Read This!

Rest is essential when it comes to maintaining good health and getting the batteries charged. Whether we do sports or not, it is necessary to sleep a daily average of seven or eight hours, and therefore the bed is one of the most important places to maintain good health.

First of all, we must keep in mind that in bed we spend many hours of our life, and therefore it has to be a comfortable place. The mattress, the pillow and the base must make our body rest, therefore it is necessary that they adapt perfectly to it.

The offer of beds, pillows, sheets and mattresses is wide, and it is not always clear to us what is best for us. We give you the keys to choose your ideal bed, a decision that depends on factors such as weight, posture, temperature … Once decided, consult the comparator, correct and above all win in health!

Tips to consider when choosing a mattress:

The mattress is the most important part of the bed, to maintain good back health. In addition, sleeping in a good mattress greatly increases the quality of life, but the offer is so varied that it is hard to decide. Mattresses can be of many types, of different materials (foam, springs, latex …), with different degrees of firmness. In addition, the prices are very different: between the simplest models and the most sophisticated ones, they can average 1,000 dollars. What is a good mattress for me? With these tips we want to answer your question.

Before looking for a mattress you should ask yourself:

How do you sleep?

If you sleep on your back, in a supine position, on your back, you should choose hard mattresses. If you sleep on your side, a mattress of less firmness may allow you to allow the shoulder to sink slightly until you find a comfortable position.

How much do you weigh?

If you weigh a lot, you will need firm mattresses that offer good support. On a soft mattress you would sink to excess. Lighter people also need mattresses of greater flexibility, which adapt to their shape to distribute the weight better.

Do you move a lot?

If you move a lot while you sleep, it is better for you to have a somewhat harder mattress that allows you to turn without effort. On a soft mattress you would sink too much, and it would be difficult for you to turn, which is uncomfortable.

Do you pass heat?

If you spend heat, sweat easily or live in a warm place, spring mattresses can suit you more, because they ventilate better and are fresher. If you are cold-blooded or live in a cold place, the foam, latex or viscoelastic models keep more heat.

Another question

If you want an articulated base, you need a flexible mattress (foam, latex or pocket springs).

If you are allergic to dust or asthmatic, it is recommended to use a foam or latex mattress with a washable cover (unless, of course, you are allergic to latex)

What you should know about the firmness of the mattress

A good mattress should distribute the weight of the body in the proper way. It must be firm enough to hold the body well, but not so hard that it is uncomfortable. In recent years the idea that a hard mattress is always the best for the back has spread. Not so: in the end, the hardness, or better, the firmness of the mattress is a matter of personal preference, and weight.

A good mattress should respect the natural curvature of the spine, face up and aligned while you sleep on your side.

If the mattress is too hard or rigid, it does not fit the body. This, on the one hand, allows better aeration, but on the other hand, the weight of the body is not distributed properly throughout the surface of the mattress. Gets the additional info for best mattress for back pain regarding the same here at best memory foam mattress.

In a mattress too soft, the body tends to sink. This presents different problems: the sensation of heat increases, because the air does not circulate, and on the other hand the spine and the back are not well restrained, neither when sleeping on their backs, nor on their sides.