Maintenance and care of the mattress

Although it goes unnoticed, the best mattress is essential in our rest. From the moment of purchase, cleaning and maintenance should become the daily habit of those who occupy it, with it; we will keep all its conditions intact. With the passage of time, inevitably, you will end up aging but until then, if we follow a series of basic rules, we will receive a relaxed response from you.Best mattress reviewsis a good resource for you.

Basic rules

One of the most important habits that must be acquired is the aeration of the mattress.

In principle, just unpack it is advisable to leave a few hours to be fully ventilated. But, in addition, the aeration of the mattress should be one of the basic steps of the morning routine in every home.

If we make the bed as soon as we get up, we will not let the mattress transpire enough. It is best to shake it together with the bedding to avoid the accumulation of dust and moisture and, after 15 minutes, leave the bed again intact.

As long as there are no significant spots, cleaning the mattress is a very simple process. At least once a month, vacuum both sides of the mattress to remove any dust or mites.

For a more thorough cleaning, it is important that you carefully read the product label in case you require any special care that you have not been informed of.

There are removable mattresses, whose outer protection can be washed independently. For this, it is advisable to use a wide container together with neutral detergents and cold water. However, many times, the delicacy of these covers forces to take them to the dry cleaner.

Rest support, not combat

When there are children at home it is usual to turn the bed into a makeshift quadrilateral where they jump to dispute their best matches. However, despite its soft, shockproof appearance, we should not confuse the mattress with any boxing ring. One of the first rules that the little ones in the house must learn is that in order for the mattress to offer him rest, he must also receive a good treatment on his part.

In addition, children and adults should take into account other minimum requirements to maintain mattress stability. For example, do not stand up on the mattress and, if it is strictly necessary, it should be done on the corners and never, on its center.

Likewise, if we always sit in the same place over time, deformations can occur. Finally, it goes without saying that we should not damage the mattress with sharp objects or heavyweights, nor should we smoke or ignite any flame near them because they could catch fire.

In addition, to maintain mattress conditions it is important to have a good base. The specialists recommend changing the rest equipment completely because a damaged base can reduce the effectiveness of the mattress. In any case, a mattress should never be placed on a surface of springs, as this will eliminate all the guarantees of the upper body. In addition, it is essential that the base completely collect the mattress to sustain it in a balanced way and avoid deformations.